Intensive Courses !!!
These courses are intended for those who want to learn the German language in an intensive way.

The student can choose between 4-hours/day courses or 6-hours/day courses, depending on their needs and motivation. In any of the cases, the intensive work in relation to grammar, vocabulary, oral and writing expression guarantees a rapid progress.

These courses are structured in different levels:


Beginner. No knowledege


Basic knowledge of the German language


Good basic knowledge of the German language


Medium knowledge of the German language


Good command of the German language


Total command of the German language

If you have previous knowledge of German, please download the level test here and send it to us, so we can recommend you the course that suits you best.

Courses take place from Monday to Friday in the mornings, and the groups vary from 3 to 8 people and from 4 to 6 daily teaching hours (45 minutes each). All our teachers are native speakers, but we also have English-speaking monitors who are at the students' disposal.

German intensive courses for students without a previous knowledge (A1) begin on the first Monday of every month. The students with previous knowledge can start their course any Monday of the year.

Moreover, the students who have successfully completed their course will receive a certificate by Akademie Germanica.

For further information about the preparation course to enter in the university DSH-Examen click here.