Fees and Prices !!!
Depending on the number of teaching hours selected by the student, the prices of a 1-month course vary from 450 euros (4 hours/day) to 700 euros (6 hours/day). These fees include the classes, but do not include any extra expenses such as the flight, going out to the cinema, theatre, etc.

The learning material (books, photocopies, etc.) has an extra cost of 30 €.

Akademie Germanica can pick the student up from the airport. This service costs 50 €.

The following table depicts the current prices for the different type of courses and accommodations:
After receiving the applying form, Akademie Germanica will send you an acceptance letter detailing our bank account for the first registration installment (100 euros) to be paid. The rest will be paid on the first course day. If the registration is cancelled from six to two weeks before the course starts, Akademie Germanica could keep 50 euros as transactions expenses. If the registration is cancelled after that time, Akademie Germanica could keep the 100 euros.