Insurance !!!
Akademie Germanica offers the possibility to contract a general insurance during the student's stay in Germany. This insurance costs 50 € per month and covers the following aspects:

Health insurance:

100% reimbursement of expenses incurred abroad with no upper limit for:

  • medical treatment by a doctor, including mileage charge if there is no doctor on site
  • medication and dressings
  • emergency treatment in the case of pregnancy (delivered costs: 8 months waiting period)
  • medicine
  • X-ray treatment, radiotherapy and diagnosis
  • hospital treatment
  • transport to the nearest hospital
  • analgesic dental treatment and simple filling
  • repatriation
  • in addition: travel costs for visits by one relative in the event of serious illness of the insured person and travel costs incurred through breaking off stay abroad early due to the death of a family member or relative once removed.

Accident Insurance:

Amounts insured:
death: 5,000 €
disablement: 20,000 €

Liability insurance:

Personal injury / property damage each: 500,000 €